About Us

Our Story

Hi! Welcome to The Home Pantry. This homebased business is conceived with the idea of a SAHM who loves baking and wanting to give her kids healthier bakes, be it the common bakes she found in the bakeries, she wants to re-create them healthily. At first, she only bakes for her kids and gradually to her friends and extended family whom they think she should start make her bakes available for sale.

She bakes mainly unique chiffons, muffins, and cookies. All of her bakes are reduced in sugar content. She makes her own vanilla extract using Madagascar or Papau New Guinea vanilla beans, for she knows the vanilla flavour use in commercial bakeries are chemicals which none derived from the real vanilla fruit. She also prioritise to flavour her bakes using natural foods, and if not minimal colourings are used.

As most the ingredients she needs for baking can be found in her own pantry, thus she names her homebased business as " THE HOME PANTRY SG" .

Come and give her bakes a try! If there is an opportunity, she hopes to bake for your family and loved ones too. See you soon! All is well.