❤️ Vanilla extract
Nothing but pure extract. We made it our own with the world priced beans (Madagascar & Papua new Guinea). A 10-12months wait is needed before it is put to use.

❤️ Butter
We use French and New Zealand butter. French butter has deeper flavor profile, and almost tangy as they are cultured which creates a slightly different taste (our French butter cake)

New Zealand South Island West Coast is known for it's rugged coastline, towering mountains, fresh air, and pouring rain, making it perfect for breeding free range cows feeding on quality grass, thus producing the finest dairy products - natural and rich in flavour.

❤️ Natural Food flavourings
We priortise to use natural food (bananas, freshly squeezed pandan juice, pure sesame seeds/ powder, tea leaves etc.) for our bakes. This definately results to higher production cost due to the amount required is more. Unless a stronger flavour is needed, then we add minimal flavouring.

❤️ Chocolate
We use Barry Callebaut and Valrhona to flavour for our chocolate bakes. This is because they have a high % of cocoa mass (more intense flavour). We did not use economical chocolates to deeply flavour our bakes.

❤️ Flour
We do not use only plain flour (all purpose flour which is also the cheapest) for our bakes. We use different types of flour in order to achieve the texture we wanted, and these flours are usually much more expensive than plain flour.

❤️ Eggs
Only locally produced eggs are used as they are of the best quality and the farms adhere to the stringent standards set by AVA.

❤️ Oil
Oil is the main fat used in chiffons cakes. We used good quality such canola or sunflower oil (interchangeably) and not palm oil which is the cheapest oil of all.

❤️ Unknown fact
We meticulously go through the list of ingriedients before placing them into our cart. We doubt not many bakers did that!

We are transparent in what we offer. Many have thought that HBB should be cheaper than commerical due to no rental & overheads. But we used this portion of money to produce better quality bakes. Give our bakes a try and you will know!

For a start we recomend you to try our All Time Favourites - Ondeh Ondeh Cookies, Barry Chocolate GAO, Berry Blue Muffins & Coco Pandan Chiffon

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