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Celebration Cookies / Door Gifts (Customisable Labels)

Celebration Cookies / Door Gifts (Customisable Labels)

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Label Design

Celebrate your joyus occasion with our cookies! Comes in 4 flavours to choose from! No boring butter or chocolate cookies. Come in 2 sizes (petite and medium).

Earliest possible delivery & Minimum order quantity

Standard labels (Thank you/ Sweet Treats)
Based your selected order date, minimum 10 bottles

Customisable labels 
20 days from order date, minimum 20 bottles

Refer to detailed list of ingredients here.


Ondeh Ondeh [Premium] (signature flavor):
The cookies are replicate the essence of the famous ondeh-ondeh kuih. Buttery, crumbly, and light cookies topped with delicious palm sugar and dessicated coconut 

British Hobnobs (signature flavour):
One of the well-loved biscuits by the Brits is the Hobnobs biscuits, which are slightly sweet oat cookies. Our Hobnobs biscuits contains 86% oats which make it crunchy and less breakage when dip in your favourite beverage.

Lychee Rose
Butter cookies with a twist! If you are looking for flavourful, fruity, and aromatic cookies, these newly created lychee (rose) cookies are the perfect combination infused with French rose petals.

Dark Chocolate Pistachio [Premium]
Each piece of cookie is filled with USA Hershey special dark chocolate chips and USA Pistachios for it's nutty taste. We also flavoured them with our very own homemade vanilla extract. 

Petite container size: 6.5 x 10cm (Diameter x Height)
Medium container size: 8.5 x 8.5cm (Diameter x Height)

Contact us at if you have a specific sticker design in mind or any enquiries

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